Zacky Farms, Guard Group, Platinum Homes and Barry’s/HS Group qualified for the semifinals of the Happy Cow Cheese Pakistan Polo Cup 2022, at the Lahore Polo Club ground. All the matches of the day were decided on penalty shootouts.

In the first match of the day, Guard Group defeated ZS Polo Team by 7-5. From the winning side, Saqib Khan Khakwani was top scorer with four penalty shoots while Taimur Ali Malik banged in a brace. From the losing side, Col. Omer Minhas hammered a hat-trick and Raja Jalal Arslan scored two goals. 

Pakistan Polo Cup 2019

The second match of the day saw Zacky Farms outpaced by Barry’s/Remington Polo Team by 6-4. From Zacky Farms, Taimoor Noon cracked a quartet while Mustafa Aziz banged in a brace. From Barry’s/Remington, Hamza Mawaz Khan hammered a hat-trick and Chaudhry Hayat converted two penalties. 

In the third match of the day, Platinum Homes beat Airlink Eagles by 6-5. From Platinum Homes, Atif Tiwana converted four penalties while Azam Adnan Jalil Azam scored two penalties. From the losing team, Agha Musa smashed in three penalties while Bilal Haye converted two. 

In the fourth and last match of the day, Barry’s/HS Group beat Warm Waters by 6-5. Ernesto Trotz converted four penalties from the winning team while Nafees Barry struck two. From the losing side, Shah Shamyl Alam scored three penalties while Ahmed Bilal converted two.