The online School level scrabble encounter between the young minds of Happy Home and Mama Parsi concluded with Happy Home team lifting the 2020 title cup.

The Happy Home team won the team event by winning 30 out of total 50 matches. The Mama Paris team was able to take 20 matches in their bag of wins.

The individual player performance was moreover a tie with Mama Paris having a slight edge. The Division A first position was won Hazila Rizwan of Mama Parsi. And the Division B category first individual ranking title was for Shane Abbas from Happy Home.

Each player played 5 matches with the interesting performances being as follows:

  • Anas Farhan and Atikas match was nailbiting with the final score being 397-395 in Anas favour. Overall results was 30-20
  • Hazila and Shane Abbas won all their matches in Category A and B respectively.

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The complete Team & Individual Results

TeamRound 5 Totals

130.0- 20.0+752.0+75.2Happy Home 4.601 2 2 3 4 5 5 7 8 9
2 20.0- 30.0 -752.0 -75.2Mama Parsi6.401 3 4 6 6 7 8 9 10 10

IndividualDivision A Round 5 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
15–0+307Hazila Rizwan (Hazila) (A7/Mama Parsi)W:283-262:A2
24–1+377Ali Aziz (Aliaziz3) (A4/Happy Home School)W:324-266:A8
34–1+90Mishaal Adnan (Madnan) (A5/Happy Home School)W:358-250:A9
43–2+88Muhammad Ibrahim Mansoor (Ibrahim28) (A1/Happy Home School)W:364-351:A6
52–3+155Mirza Mohid Ayaz (Mohid) (A2/Happy Home School)L:262-283:A7
62–3−32Sakina Bharucha (sakin72a) (A10/Mama Parsi)L:346-408:A3
72–3−84Adan Salahuddin (Adan1) (A6/Mama Parsi)L:351-364:A1
82–3−102Wasil Talha (Wasil11) (A3/Happy Home School)W:408-346:A10
91–4−269Maryam Sohail (Maryum) (A8/Mama Parsi)L:266-324:A4
100–5−530Zainab Waseem (80z) (A9/Mama Parsi)L:250-358:A5

IndividualDivision B Round 5 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
15–0+557Shane Abbas (shaneabbas) (B4/Happy Home School)W:463-281:B10
24–1+213Anas Farhan (anasfarhan) (B2/Happy Home School)W:397-395:B7
34–1+118Amna Khushnood (Amnak) (B6/Mama Parsi)W:428-357:B1
43–2+346Atika Fatima (atikas) (B7/Mama Parsi)L:395-397:B2
53–2+182Hamda Adnan (hadnan) (B1/Happy Home School)L:357-428:B6
62–3+401Hawra Fatima (Hawra) (B8/Mama Parsi)W:462-269:B3
72–3−140Habiba Farhan (Habiba01) (B3/Happy Home School)L:269-462:B8
81–4−367Hira Naveed (hira03) (B9/Mama Parsi)W:442-323:B5
91–4−668Muhammad Hamza (mhq) (B5/Happy Home School)L:323-442:B9
100–5−642Fatima Saeed (Fatimasaee) (B10/Mama Parsi)L:281-463:B4

The teams which participate were:


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