On Sunday, 2nd October, the First International Ranked – Punjab Open Scrabble Championship 2022, is being held in Lahore at World Times Academy.

Around 25 players from all age groups are expected to participate in this event. The exclusive participants tentative list as of evening of Saturday, 1st October is appended below.

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According to the playing format, each player will play 09 games in Swiss Pairing system. Some of the players who are participating in this event have represented Pakistan in a number of International tournaments.

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Tentative Players List As Of 1st October

Abdullah Abbasi


Tariq Parvez

Fouad Sami

Abdur Rehman

Khalid Javed

Safdar Ali

Farooq Khwaja

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Hannan Hejazi

Haider Nafees

Adeel Niaz

Rameen Adeel

Waqar Khan

Zyna Zain

Talha Hannan

Monis Muhammad

Rohan Hannan