The mega 6th Lahore Inter School Scrabble Championship 2022, concluded after 353 scrabblers aged 9 to 18 battled with their English language word knowledge at the prestigious Aitchson College in Lahore.

2022 Punjab Open Scrabble Championship: 1st International Ranked Event Commences 2nd October; Exclusive Participants List Is …

The Winners of each category are:

Category A: M. Subhan YasirΒ 

Category B: Rohan HannanΒ 

Category C: Ayesha AzizΒ 

Category D: M. Shafin KhanΒ 

Category E: Suffana BabarΒ 

The complete results enlisting ALL participants of each category are listed below

World Youth Scrabble Championship 2022: Pakistan To Host 4th World Championship; Team Announced

6th Lahore Interschool Scrabble Championship 2022 | Complete Division A Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
14–0+281M. Subhan YasirΒ 
(A7/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)
24–0+223Mahyeen ImranΒ 
(A21/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)
34–0+212Fatima AhmadΒ 
(A33/Individual Entry from Learning)
44–0+167Noorulain (A11/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1W:90-88:A18
54–0+75Aroush Umair (A13/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2W:53-47:A19
63–1+151Hareem Salman (A18/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2L:88-90:A11
73–1+136Khadija Fawad (A17/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2W:51-43:A22
83–1+119Syeda Zainab Hassaan (A30/APS Girls)2L:105-106:A21
93–1+50Hadia Rubab (A1/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2W:120-74:A5
103–1+27Aiyma Mir (A28/The Lords International School System)1W:81-72:A23
113–1βˆ’8Mishaal Mudassar (A5/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1L:74-120:A1
122–2+133Mohammad EbrahimΒ (A15/Beacon House A-1 Peco Rd, Lhr)2L:95-120:A33
132–2+109Zayan Zohaib (A29/Beacon House Newland)1L:32-70:A7
142–2+49Rehma Jawad (A19/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1L:47-53:A13
152–2+31Rabiah Afzaal (A27/The Lords International School System)2L:47-52:A6
162–2+21Muhammad Ismail Ch.Β (A32/Individual Entry from Learning)2W:115-112:A3
172–2βˆ’17M. Abdul Rafay BukhariΒ (A23/BeaconHouse A-1 Peco Rd, Lhr)2L:72-81:A28
182–2βˆ’28Nuraan Adnan (A9/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2W:62-61:A10
192–2βˆ’44Malaika Zubair (A6/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1W:52-47:A27
202–2βˆ’59Zainab Ashraf (A14/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2W:50-49:A4
211½–2Β½βˆ’82Inaya Fatima (A20/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1W:100-0:A2
221–3βˆ’18Khadij Attaria (A10/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1L:61-62:A9
231–3βˆ’36Ayaan Ali (A22/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1L:43-51:A17
241–3βˆ’39Zainab Mudassar ButtΒ (A25/Lords Int’l School System)1W:60-28:A8
251–3βˆ’41Meerab ShahzadΒ (A26/The Lords Intl School System)1W:79-48:A16
261–3βˆ’52Hafsa Fahad (A8/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2L:28-60:A25
271–3βˆ’259M. Yousaf (A24/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2T:0-0:A31
28½–3Β½βˆ’300M. Ibrahim (A31/Individual Entry from Learning)1T:0-0:A24
290–4βˆ’85Syeda Zoha SammarΒ (A16/Beacon House A-1 Peco Rd, Lhr)2L:48-79:A26
300–4βˆ’103Haniya Zaheer (A4/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1L:49-50:A14
310–4βˆ’213Arfa Ch. (A3/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1L:112-115:A32
320–4βˆ’400Syeda Fatima ZahraΒ (A2/Beacon House A-1 Peco Rd, Lahore)2L:0-100:A20

6th Lahore Interschool Scrabble Championship 2022 | Complete Division B Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
14–0+730Rohan HannanΒ 
(B84/Dar el Arqam)
24–0+237Maham TauheedΒ 
(B30/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)
34–0+231M. Ammar SamieΒ 
(B78/Individual Entry from Learning)
44–0+226Zainab Ali Khan (B18/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2W:95-72:B58
54–0+145Mashaim Ali (B37/The Lords International School System)1W:86-82:B22
64–0+142Sabeen Sajid (B68/APS Girls)2W:115-85:B72
74–0+129Rameen Omer Khan (B26/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)2W:61-48:B75
74–0+129Fatima Rizwan (B27/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)2W:109-91:B65
94–0+106Shayan (B81/Individual Entry from Learning)1W:114-112:B83
104–0+66Aryah (B76/Individual Entry from Learning)2W:79-67:B42
113–1+243Mahnoor Khan (B9/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2L:102-163:B30
123–1+198Zahrah Mohsin (B48/Beacon House Newland)2W:68-41:B6
133–1+139Rida Binte E Nouman (B35/DHA Junior School (Z-Block))2W:100-0:B2
143–1+137Rameen Sharif (B75/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town))1L:48-61:B26
153–1+109M. Abdullal (B63/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)2W:135-87:B79
163–1+108Amaan Chaudhary (B58/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)1L:72-95:B18
173–1+96M. Subhan Kausar (B36/DHA Senior School for Boys)1W:73-67:B11
183–1+75Zainab Badar (B52/Individual)2W:101-69:B67
193–1+69Umyma Tausif (B5/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2W:84-82:B46
203–1+57Ibrahim Waris (B39/DHA Junior School (T-Block))1L:106-111:B19
213–1+30Farisha Irfan (B72/APS Girls)1L:85-115:B68
223–1+15Zimel Akhter (B53/Individual)1W:46-42:B29
233–1+12Zainab Basharat (B33/DHA Junior School (Z-Block))1W:93-58:B43
243–1+10Umer habiba Sharif (B56/Beacon House Faisalabad)1W:81-68:B15
253–1βˆ’59Eshaal Fatima (B19/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2W:111-106:B39
263–1βˆ’414Anaya Muqaddas (B45/Queen Marry School)2W:50-49:B50
272½–1Β½+35Raima Fayyaz (B16/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2W:48-38:B7
282–2+156Abeeha Asad (B21/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)1W:100-0:B59
292–2+127Fatima Mahmood (B71/APS Girls)1L:77-93:B84
302–2+106Hajrah Fatima (B22/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)2L:82-86:B37
312–2+99Areem Asif (B20/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)2L:69-105:B78
322–2+68Zahra Syed (B54/Individual)1W:83-67:B85
332–2+66A. Nawaz CheemaΒ (B65/BeaconHouse 45-1B-1, Peco Rd)1L:91-109:B27
332–2+66Afshan Mubashar (B46/Queen Marry School)1L:82-84:B5
352–2+62Moosa Iqtidar (B62/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)1W:83-58:B69
362–2+32Barirah Saibeel (B7/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1L:38-48:B16
372–2+30Momin Munir (B29/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)2L:42-46:B53
382–2+22Fatima Athar (B69/APS Girls)2L:58-83:B62
392–2+16Rania Faraz (B23/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)2L:51-58:B74
402–2+7Faleeha Kamal (B42/Queen Marry School)1L:67-79:B76
412–2+0Arham Farooq (B59/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)2L:0-100:B21
422–2βˆ’2Shamsa Munir Khan (B31/DHA Junior School (Z-Block))2W:59-30:B32
432–2βˆ’3Fatima Ali (B74/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town))1W:58-51:B23
442–2βˆ’6Zarish Akram (B14/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1W:29-13:B34
452–2βˆ’8Shafay Iqbal (B83/none)2L:112-114:B81
462–2βˆ’28Noor Bakht (B55/Individual)2W:54-50:B25
472–2βˆ’36Khizer Abbas (B61/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)1W:89-58:B3
482–2βˆ’41Khadija Jibrael KhwajaΒ (B15/Beacon House A-1 Peco Rd, Lhr)2L:68-81:B56
492–2βˆ’44Zainab Shahid (B70/APS Girls)2W:70-50:B49
502–2βˆ’54Mirha Ruhi (B40/School of Enaflers)1W:79-57:B28
512–2βˆ’85Pir Muhammad Malik (B79/Individual Entry from Learning)1L:87-135:B63
522–2βˆ’117Idrees Omar (B60/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)1L:43-53:B64
532–2βˆ’157Haider Ali (B64/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)2W:53-43:B60
541½–2Β½+6Ayesha Adnan (B6/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1L:41-68:B48
551½–2Β½βˆ’5Wali M. Sharif (B80/Individual Entry from Learning)2T:0-0:B51
561½–2Β½βˆ’35Laiba Miraj (B13/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2W:100-0:B41
571½–2Β½βˆ’42Aimen khurram (B10/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1W:54-43:B38
581½–2Β½βˆ’53Zainab Sohail (B17/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1W:93-62:B47
591½–2Β½βˆ’93Anaya Asif (B1/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1W:149-147:B8
601½–2Β½βˆ’100Adnan Ahmad (B51/Individual)1T:0-0:B80
601½–2Β½βˆ’100Musfirah Babri (B66/APS Girls)1W:100-0:B57
621½–2Β½βˆ’131Shayan Khan (B4/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2W:42-40:B82
631½–2Β½βˆ’150Hareem Fatima (B77/Individual Entry from Learning)bye
641–3βˆ’4Inaya Shahzad (B11/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2L:67-73:B36
651–3βˆ’32Izza Fatima (B24/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)2W:53-39:B73
661–3βˆ’39Rao Muhammad Aiitzaz (B32/DHA Junior School (Z-Block))1L:30-59:B31
671–3βˆ’40Hania Adnan (B25/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)1L:50-54:B55
681–3βˆ’45Aiman Zahra (B8/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2L:147-149:B1
691–3βˆ’52Fateeha Bakhtrasa (B67/APS Girls)1L:69-101:B52
701–3βˆ’64Faimta Umer (B43/Queen Marry School)2L:58-93:B33
711–3βˆ’77Meimona Shahbaz (B44/Queen Marry School)2W:68-51:B12
721–3βˆ’104Fatima Farhan (B85/none)2L:67-83:B54
731–3βˆ’125Manahil Zahra (B28/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)2L:57-79:B40
741–3βˆ’144Eshaal Zia (B3/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)2L:58-89:B61
751–3βˆ’147Muhammad Hadi (B50/Beacon House Newland)1L:49-50:B45
761–3βˆ’200Ariela John (B2/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1L:0-100:B35
77½–3Β½βˆ’70Muhammad Ahmed (B38/DHA Junior School (T-Block))2L:43-54:B10
78½–3Β½βˆ’300Sikander Bhatti (B41/LGS Paragon)1L:0-100:B13
78½–3Β½βˆ’300Muhammad Zain Butt (B57/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III))2L:0-100:B66
800–4βˆ’56Aroush Amir (B73/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town))1L:39-53:B24
810–4βˆ’81Mahzaib Awais (B49/Beacon House Newland)1L:50-70:B70
820–4βˆ’108Aiza Noman (B34/DHA Junior School (Z-Block))2L:13-29:B14
830–4βˆ’114Aiza Shahzad (B47/Queen Marry School)2L:62-93:B17
840–4βˆ’129Faiza Khawal (B12/Beacon House A-1 Peco Road, Lahore)1L:51-68:B44
850–4βˆ’143Hajra Ahmad (B82/Individual Entry from Learning)1L:40-42:B4

6th Lahore Interschool Scrabble Championship 2022 | Division C Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
14–0+463Ayesha AzizΒ 
(C22/Tareen Foundation)
24–0+322Syed Zayan ZeheerΒ 
(C89/Bahria Town School & College)
34–0+281Azan AsifΒ 
(C24/DHA Senior School for Boys)
44–0+236Manahel AsifΒ (C81/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town)2W:150-81:C69
54–0+224Fozan AhmadΒ (C78/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town)2W:62-57:C70
64–0+216Tabish Zafar (C13/Aitchison College Lahore)2W:108-55:C12
74–0+213Mumin Syed AliΒ (C65/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III)2W:180-149:C27
84–0+211Areesha ZainabiaΒ (C82/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town)2W:204-151:C49
94–0+165Ali Arif Piracha (C18/Aitchison College Lahore)2W:111-85:C72
104–0+158Bahawal Chatha (C14/Aitchison College Lahore)1W:89-38:C68
114–0+133Touseeq Haider (C31/LGS Paragon)1W:85-32:C59
123–1+292Shahab ul Hassan (C94/Individual Entry from Learning)2L:106-111:C89
133–1+223Adina Fatima Sindhu (C92/Individual Entry from Learning)2W:247-138:C56
143–1+188Bisma Anjum (C29/School of Enaflers)1W:144-94:C96
153–1+175Aneesha Rehman (C55/Beacon House Faisalabad)2L:95-102:C48
163–1+174M. Shaffay Asif (C19/Aitchison College Lahore)2W:172-120:C84
173–1+163Annum Asif (C32/LGS Paragon)1W:84-73:C97
183–1+160Hibba Iftikhar (C50/DHA Senior School for Girls)2W:181-95:C99
193–1+142Fajar Shahid (C48/DHA Senior School for Girls)1W:102-95:C55
203–1+128Abdul Wahab Yasin (C70/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)1L:57-62:C78
213–1+113Shahan Zubair (C27/The Lords International School System)1L:149-180:C65
223–1+112Hafsa Nadeem (C49/DHA Senior School for Girls)1L:151-204:C82
233–1+81Alisha Abid (C46/Queen Marry School)1W:100-98:C23
243–1+80Aaima Farhan (C56/Beacon House Faisalabad)1L:138-247:C92
253–1+69Asad Abdul Rehman (C61/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III))2W:89-86:C76
263–1+60Shahryar Sharif (C67/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III))2W:143-120:C34
273–1+47Abdul Raheem (C86/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town))2W:58-50:C40
283–1+45M. Ibrahim Chaudhry (C91/Individual Entry from Learning)1W:158-47:C43
293–1+43Daud Pash Chaudhry (C17/Aitchison College Lahore)2W:153-120:C80
303–1+26Agha M. A. KhanΒ (C59/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III))2L:32-85:C31
313–1+17Sheeza Qaiser (C4/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)2W:100-0:C95
323–1βˆ’14Muntaha Ahmad (C51/Individual)2W:127-73:C85
333–1βˆ’19Amna Waheed (C52/Individual)2W:48-41:C98
342–2+162Aalia Ishfaq (C20/Tareen Foundation)2L:163-195:C22
352–2+123Mafia Bibi (C21/Tareen Foundation)1W:153-76:C36
362–2+107Ayesha Noman (C54/Beacon House Faisalabad)2L:97-156:C24
372–2+82Anaya Fatima (C96/none)2L:94-144:C29
372–2+82Mustafa Malik (C12/Aitchison College Lahore)1L:55-108:C13
392–2+71Khizra Hassan (C42/Queen Marry School)2L:53-73:C11
402–2+70Rania Amjad (C98/none)1L:41-48:C52
412–2+67Abdul Muqeet AhsanΒ (C74/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Rd)2L:90-99:C8
422–2+47Aahil Nasir (C93/Individual Entry from Learning)1L:54-60:C26
432–2+38Asmat ullah (C11/Sundar Stem School)1W:73-53:C42
442–2+33Muhammad Faseeh (C69/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)1L:81-150:C81
452–2+30Ibrahim SalmanΒ (C64/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III)1L:35-60:C73
462–2+29Zille Noor (C40/Queen Marry School)1L:50-58:C86
472–2+23Shantul Farooq (C53/Beacon House Faisalabad)2W:93-36:C35
482–2+8Ezaan Shahid (C73/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)2W:60-35:C64
492–2+3Ibrahim Sarfraz Munj (C15/Aitchison College Lahore)2W:92-77:C41
502–2+1Parishay AfzalΒ (C87/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town)1W:100-0:C79
512–2+0Aliza Shafique (C8/City School Shalimar Campus)1W:99-90:C74
522–2βˆ’5Ali ImranΒ (C60/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III)2W:99-65:C28
532–2βˆ’7Malaika ArshadΒ (C84/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town)1L:120-172:C19
542–2βˆ’9Shehzeen Salman (C2/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)1W:121-69:C3
552–2βˆ’15Alisha Batool (C26/The Lords International School System)2W:60-54:C93
562–2βˆ’17Wajeeha Balouch (C34/LGS Paragon)1L:120-143:C67
572–2βˆ’19Sunainan Qaisar (C6/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)1W:145-130:C45
582–2βˆ’23Maira Hassan (C5/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)1W:86-54:C44
592–2βˆ’26Hiba Khan (C77/APS Girls)1W:61-55:C9
602–2βˆ’68M. Rafay Ali (C16/Aitchison College Lahore)1W:146-78:C7
612–2βˆ’70Ameer Hamid (C66/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III))2L:66-104:C58
622–2βˆ’73Hania Javed (C80/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town))1L:120-153:C17
632–2βˆ’74Muhammad Bilal (C68/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III))2L:38-89:C14
642–2βˆ’80Muhammad Rafay Ali (C95/none)1L:0-100:C4
652–2βˆ’108Azaan Amir (C71/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)1W:86-58:C30
662–2βˆ’127Eesa-ur-Rehman (C58/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III))1W:104-66:C66
672–2βˆ’158Momina Rana (C47/Queen Marry School)1W:100-0:C90
682–2βˆ’222Maryam Butt (C39/Queen Marry School)1W:51-50:C38
691–3+18Sasha Wilson (C97/none)2L:73-84:C32
701–3βˆ’1Mahanoor Anwar (C36/LGS Paragon)2L:76-153:C21
711–3βˆ’23Umer Farooq (C72/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)1L:85-111:C18
721–3βˆ’34Noor-ul-Ain (C76/APS Girls)1L:86-89:C61
731–3βˆ’47Muhammad ZaidΒ (C57/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III)2W:100-0:C33
741–3βˆ’55Ahsan Daud Bhatti (C23/DHA Junior School Z- Block)2L:98-100:C46
751–3βˆ’56Sabiha Malik (C45/Queen Marry School)2L:130-145:C6
761–3βˆ’62Amna Hassan (C10/Pk Post Modek School)2W:152-102:C1
771–3βˆ’77Fatima Irfan (C28/School of Enaflers)1L:65-99:C60
781–3βˆ’94Musfira Babri (C99/none)1L:95-181:C50
791–3βˆ’95Abdul Rehman Khan (C30/LGS Paragon)2L:58-86:C71
801–3βˆ’97Zainab ShafiqΒ (C88/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town)1W:100-0:C37
811–3βˆ’105Maheen Rizwan (C44/Queen Marry School)2L:54-86:C5
821–3βˆ’136Khadija Salman (C7/City School Shalimar Campus)2L:78-146:C16
831–3βˆ’193Mahnoor Mudassir (C38/Queen Marry School)2L:50-51:C39
841–3βˆ’200Ahmad HussainΒ (C62/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III)1T:0-0:C75
841–3βˆ’200Steve Imran (C75/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)2T:0-0:C62
861–3βˆ’209Jannat Bilal (C83/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town))2W:55-31:C63
871–3βˆ’225Kashif Ali (C25/The Lords International School System)Bye
871–3βˆ’225M. Bilal BajwaΒ (C85/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town)1L:73-127:C51
890–4βˆ’71Manha Amjad (C9/City School Shalimar Campus)2L:55-61:C77
900–4βˆ’113Mydah Ambasat (C41/Queen Marry School)1L:77-92:C15
910–4βˆ’127Marya Raza (C3/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)2L:69-121:C2
920–4βˆ’148Armish Amna (C43/Queen Marry School)2L:47-158:C91
930–4βˆ’159Fasiha Qureshi (C1/Beacon House Peco Road, Lahore)1L:102-152:C10
940–4βˆ’192Kazim LiaqatΒ (C63/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III)1L:31-55:C83
950–4βˆ’258Hiba Shaheryar (C35/LGS Paragon)1L:36-93:C53
960–4βˆ’310Raja. M. Abdul Rafay (C33/LGS Paragon)1L:0-100:C57
970–4βˆ’330Hannan CheemaΒ (C79/BeaconHouse (Allama Iqbal Town)2L:0-100:C87
980–4βˆ’378Shiza Mazhar (C37/LGS Paragon)2L:0-100:C88
990–4βˆ’400Keyyan Nasir (C90/Individual Entry from Learning)2L:0-100:C47

6th Lahore Interschool Scrabble Championship 2022 | Complete Division D Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
14–0+727M. Shafin KhanΒ 
24–0+645Abdullah ShahbazΒ 
(D20/The Lords International School System)
34–0+393Ahmed OmerΒ 
(D9/Aitchison College)
44–0+320Jannat Umar (D39/DHA Senior School for Girls)1W:100-0:D7
54–0+237Faiza Rubab (D3/PK Post Model School)2W:208-185:D41
64–0+195M. Hashim (D72/Bahria Town School & College)2W:94-87:D75
74–0+121Anaaya Haroon (D65/APS Girls)1W:176-172:D44
83½–½+126Sana Rauf (D37/DHA Senior School for Girls)2T:196-196:D43
93–1+466Ali Shaharyar (D68/City School Model Town)2L:208-271:D76
103–1+278Fatima Safdar (D41/DHA Senior School for Girls)1L:185-208:D3
113–1+268Meerab Khan (D2/PK Post Model School)2W:230-64:D46
123–1+267Noor Fatima Khan (D59/APS Girls)1L:167-172:D54
133–1+244Ahmad Farooq (D71/Bahria Town School & College)2W:243-134:D57
143–1+238Hajra Kamal (D32/DHA Senior School for Girls)1W:143-127:D56
153–1+192Muhammad Aiyan (D54/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)2W:172-167:D59
163–1+135M. Saleh Sharif (D75/Individual Entry from Learning)1L:87-94:D72
173–1+124Mahbeer Sheeraz Malik (D10/Aitchison College)1W:144-139:D64
183–1+89Mehwish Rehman (D11/Tareen Foundation)2W:118-96:D62
193–1+83Khadija Moazzam (D33/DHA Senior School for Girls)1W:172-97:D49
203–1+82M. Zain Umer (D70/Bahria Town School & College)1W:180-170:D15
213–1+64Noora Nadeem (D26/Queen Marry School)2L:128-178:D50
223–1+49Syed Arham Aqleem (D69/Bahria Town School & College)1W:100-74:D61
233–1+16Saif Ali (D5/Aitchison College)2W:211-170:D38
243–1βˆ’3Syed Waqar Hassan Naqvi (D50/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III))1W:178-128:D26
253–1βˆ’24Ida Shuaib (D63/APS Girls)1W:154-137:D14
263–1βˆ’492M. Ibrahim AslamΒ (D19/The Lords Int’l School System)2L:73-634:D20
272½–1Β½+99Shahwaiz Kamran (D53/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)2W:201-177:D67
282½–1Β½+21Isha Irfan (D43/DHA Senior School for Girls)1T:196-196:D37
292–2+200Mairaj Shujaat (D60/APS Girls)2W:225-120:D55
302–2+194Eman Zahra (D64/APS Girls)2L:139-144:D10
312–2+141Zarlish Nazzad (D67/APS Girls)1L:177-201:D53
322–2+118Rahman Nadeem (D29/Queen Marry School)1W:175-137:D77
322–2+118Zainab Sohail (D66/APS Girls)1W:243-130:D27
342–2+100Emaan Nayyer (D34/DHA Senior School for Girls)1W:164-77:D47
352–2+92Sondus Fatima (D44/DHA Senior School for Girls)2L:172-176:D65
362–2+52Shayan Khurram (D56/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)2L:127-143:D32
372–2+32Samrah Tahir (D42/DHA Senior School for Girls)2W:178-133:D52
382–2+6Ali Areez (D73/Bahria Town School & College)1W:186-138:D45
382–2+6Nayyab Bibi (D13/Tareen Foundation)2W:96-69:D8
402–2+0M. Ibrahim Malik (D7/Aitchison College)2L:0-100:D39
412–2βˆ’5Hussain Mehdi (D52/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III))1L:133-178:D42
422–2βˆ’6Dania Ahmed (D36/DHA Senior School for Girls)1W:231-147:D4
432–2βˆ’10Barakah Nadeem (D28/Queen Marry School)2W:195-149:D35
442–2βˆ’20Abeeha Sajjad (D15/The Lords International School System)2L:170-180:D70
452–2βˆ’32Umaima Waseem (D1/PK Post Model School)2W:100-0:D23
462–2βˆ’35Maaz Allah (D57/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)1L:134-243:D71
472–2βˆ’44Sarah adeel (D35/DHA Senior School for Girls)1L:149-195:D28
482–2βˆ’46Anaya Asif (D62/APS Girls)1L:96-118:D11
492–2βˆ’49Naqi AliΒ (D51/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III)2W:120-63:D25
502–2βˆ’73Afshan Rasheed (D12/Tareen Foundation)2L:144-246:D9
512–2βˆ’126Ariyan Shah Khan (D24/LGS Paragon)1W:76-55:D22
522–2βˆ’153Syeda Zainab FatimaΒ (D16/The Lords Intl School System)2W:148-109:D30
531–3+20Faakhir Farooq (D77/none)2L:137-175:D29
541–3βˆ’10S. Neaish Fatima ShraziΒ (D21/The Lords Intl School System)2W:197-166:D74
551–3βˆ’42M. Ahmed Dogar (D55/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)1L:120-225:D60
561–3βˆ’59Irfan Burhan (D31/DHA Senior School for Girls)2W:125-121:D40
571–3βˆ’85Mahnoor Abid (D45/Beacon House Faisalabad)2L:138-186:D73
581–3βˆ’89M. Musa Mansoor (D8/Aitchison College)1L:69-96:D13
591–3βˆ’90Hassaan Aftab AhmedΒ (D14/The Lords Intl School System)2L:137-154:D63
601–3βˆ’123Abdul Moiz (D58/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)1W:100-0:D6
611–3βˆ’146Hiba Ahmad (D27/Queen Marry School)2L:130-243:D66
621–3βˆ’151Khadija Kamran (D61/APS Girls)2L:74-100:D69
631–3βˆ’200Nena Aslam (D38/DHA Senior School for Girls)1L:170-211:D5
641–3βˆ’231Maham Fatima (D30/Queen Marry School)1L:109-148:D16
651–3βˆ’240Abbas MehdiΒ (D46/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III)1L:64-230:D2
661–3βˆ’242Mahad Arif (D4/Sundar Stem School)2L:147-231:D36
671–3βˆ’253Abdul SaboorΒ (D49/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III)2L:97-172:D33
681–3βˆ’408Ahmad Hussain (D78/none)2W:49-30:D48
691–3βˆ’461S. M. Murtaza ImranΒ (D17/The Lords Intl School System)1W:189-157:D18
70½–3Β½βˆ’71Sarim (D74/Individual Entry from Learning)1L:166-197:D21
710–4βˆ’88Minahil Irfan (D40/DHA Senior School for Girls)1L:121-125:D31
720–4βˆ’115MHR Fazal AbbasΒ (D47/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III)2L:77-164:D34
730–4βˆ’233Zainab (D22/School of Enaflers)2L:55-76:D24
740–4βˆ’276Kamran Zafar (D25/LGS Paragon)1L:63-120:D51
750–4βˆ’400M. Qasim Nazir (D6/Aitchison College)2L:0-100:D58
750–4βˆ’400Yousaf Fakhar (D23/LGS Paragon)1L:0-100:D1
770–4βˆ’433Roshaan YousafΒ (D48/LGS (K-C-III, Gulberg III)1L:30-49:D78
780–4βˆ’594Kashaf Afzal (D18/The Lords International School System)2L:157-189:D17

6th Lahore Interschool Scrabble Championship 2022 | Complete Division E Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
14–0+698Suffana BabarΒ 
(E1/PK Post Model School)
24–0+646Haider Nafees AhmedΒ 
(E42/Kaizen High School)
34–0+492Wazir BakhtiyarΒ 
(E4/Sundar Stem School)
44–0+405Sonia Asif (E7/Tareen Foundation)1W:286-131:E30
54–0+309Masil Rizwan (E54/Bahria Town School & College)2W:98-71:E26
64–0+201Muhammad Ismail (E5/Sundar Stem School)1W:214-128:E56
73–1+621Monis M. QureshiΒ (E53/Bahria Town School & College)2L:179-196:E60
83–1+548Rameen Adeel (E60/none)1W:196-179:E53
93–1+461Sidra Aziz (E8/Tareen Foundation)2L:136-138:E11
103–1+412Zahra Batool (E6/Tareen Foundation)2L:223-246:E4
113–1+311Talha Hannan (E49/Individual)1L:188-383:E42
123–1+212Maeda Imbisat Khan (E11/LGS Paragon)1W:138-136:E8
133–1+186Hareem Zeeshan (E39/Garrison College for Girls)1W:129-71:E37
143–1+113Abbas Kazmi (E52/City School Model Town)2W:148-112:E47
153–1+108Maryam Qayyum (E32/Garrison College for Girls)1W:198-185:E24
163–1+64Laraib Khalil (E22/Garrison College for Girls)1W:144-136:E38
173–1+45Alisha Ajmal (E45/APS Girls)1W:242-229:E33
183–1+43M. Hamza Imran (E55/Bahria Town School & College)2W:178-116:E48
193–1+1Amna Tahir (E31/Garrison College for Girls)1W:175-102:E51
203–1βˆ’18Syeda Noor Fatima (E10/Defence Degree College)1W:217-142:E12
213–1βˆ’42Laraib Nadeem (E16/LGS Paragon)2W:153-70:E20
223–1βˆ’371Zarvab Ali Ajmal (E3/Sundar Stem School)1W:178-134:E34
232–2+186Sania Nadeem (E24/Garrison College for Girls)2L:185-198:E32
242–2+83Rameen Ishaq (E26/Garrison College for Girls)1L:71-98:E54
252–2+66Aman Fatima (E17/LGS Paragon)1L:129-149:E43
262–2+49Rameen (E9/Tareen Foundation)1L:125-126:E58
272–2+48Rana Abdul Manan (E43/Beacon House 45-1B-1, Peco Road)2W:149-129:E17
282–2+30Huzaifa bin arshad (E56/Bahria Town School & College)2L:128-214:E5
292–2βˆ’5Amna Adil (E48/APS Girls)1L:116-178:E55
302–2βˆ’19Khadeeja Akmal (E2/PK Post Model School)1L:163-491:E1
312–2βˆ’25Zyna Zain (E33/Garrison College for Girls)2L:229-242:E45
322–2βˆ’36Iman Aslam (E18/LGS Paragon)2W:116-106:E36
332–2βˆ’72Muntaha Zia (E30/Garrison College for Girls)2L:131-286:E7
342–2βˆ’85Khdija Rashid (E46/APS Girls)2W:100-0:E41
352–2βˆ’107M. Ahmed ShahΒ (E58/Individual Entry from Learning)2W:126-125:E9
362–2βˆ’137Abeeha Imran (E13/LGS Paragon)2W:80-75:E23
372–2βˆ’224Muhammad Raahim (E19/LGS Paragon)2W:84-80:E40
382–2βˆ’225M. Ibraheem Rashid (E57/Bahria Town School & College)2W:132-107:E44
392–2βˆ’294Amna Imran (E34/Garrison College for Girls)2L:134-178:E3
402–2βˆ’340Irzam Rehan Butt (E14/LGS Paragon)bye
411–3βˆ’26Hafiza Soaiba (E37/Garrison College for Girls)2L:71-129:E39
421–3βˆ’46Siraat Ahmed (E47/APS Girls)1L:112-148:E52
431–3βˆ’88Saha Fahad (E25/Garrison College for Girls)2W:146-124:E21
441–3βˆ’97Maha Zaheer (E36/Garrison College for Girls)1L:106-116:E18
451–3βˆ’139Zonash Tahir (E28/Garrison College for Girls)1W:100-0:E27
461–3βˆ’153Hasnain Tanveer (E50/City School Model Town)1W:158-157:E35
471–3βˆ’198Mahjabeen Fatima (E38/Garrison College for Girls)2L:136-144:E22
481–3βˆ’236Gilltin Khan Ourrani (E12/LGS Paragon)2L:142-217:E10
491–3βˆ’250Junaid Khalid (E51/City School Model Town)2L:102-175:E31
501–3βˆ’258Muhmmad Sameer Yasir (E15/LGS Paragon)2W:117-69:E59
511–3βˆ’380Ali Masood (E20/LGS Paragon)1L:70-153:E16
52½–3Β½βˆ’172Hifza Khalid Siddiqui (E23/Garrison College for Girls)1L:75-80:E13
53½–3Β½βˆ’292Zaina Rashid (E44/APS Girls)1L:107-132:E57
540–4βˆ’76Muneeba Fareed (E21/Garrison College for Girls)1L:124-146:E25
550–4βˆ’171Faryal Khan (E35/Garrison College for Girls)2L:157-158:E50
560–4βˆ’236Azka Nawaz (E40/Garrison College for Girls)1L:80-84:E19
570–4βˆ’400Kabatulain (E41/Garrison College for Girls)1L:0-100:E46
570–4βˆ’400Shanzay Khattak (E27/Garrison College for Girls)2L:0-100:E28
590–4βˆ’470Azan Tahir (E59/none)1L:69-117:E15